Kids TV

NewsChannel 2 and NBC present our Saturday morning children's programs as part of our commitment to our young viewers and in compliance with FCC regulations regarding Children's TV.

These shows are both educational and informative in nature and designed specifically for youngsters between the ages of 4 and 8 years old.

Our Saturday morning shows include:

Astroblast! follows the zany adventures of a crew of space animals that manage the Astroblast Space Station, the coolest hangout in outer space. The team of animals who run it – Comet, Halley, Radar, Sputnik, Jet and Sal – are the friendliest animals in the galaxy.

Chica is a five-year-old chick who spends her days with her parents in their costume shop, the Coop. The shop's one employee, Kelly, doubles as Chica's nanny and the ensemble is rounded out with Bunji, a large floppy eared rabbit and Stitches, a straw mannequin that sits in the window. In each episode Chica develops or encounters a problem that she cannot immediately resolve. Usually her issues involve impulse control, distractibility, judgment, and inter-personal behaviors. She and Kelly usually work on the problem through an adventure-a fantasy transformation to animation-- where Bunji and Stitches come alive and join Chica and Kelly for the problem solving process. The core educational content is primarily socio-emotional development, and Chica learns how to express herself properly, think before she acts, and interact with others effectively. She often learns that it takes hard work and practice to become proficient at different skills.

Earth to Luna! follows the adventures of a little girl who’s completely, undeniably and passionately into just one thing: science. For Luna, a six-year-old girl, the earth is a giant laboratory and she dives into every new experience with boundless energy and enthusiasm along with her little brother Jupiter and pet ferret Clive. What most of us ignore, Luna notices and cannot rest until she is able to answer the question, “Why is this happening?” There is nothing Luna won’t do to find the answers to her scientific questions.

Lazy Town encourages fitness and healthful habits for preschool children. In the imaginary setting of Lazy Town, characters' eating and fitness habits are linked to problem solving in their world. The lead character is Stephanie, a young girl who guides the audience through the story as she and her friends ("human" puppets) and her Uncle (Mayor Milford Meanswell) navigate life within Lazy Town. Robbie Rotten, the underground spy and influencer who personifies the ethos of Lazy Town, is determined to ruin the health and fitness practices of Stephanie and her friends. When the kids have difficulty with Robbie Rotten, Sportacus, a gymnast/athlete prepared to answer any call for help, comes to the rescue from his home in a zeppelin-like aircraft that hovers over earth. The underlying themes of Lazy Town stress the importance of eating "sports candy" (aka fruits and vegetables), always obtaining sufficient sleep, and going outside to engage in a wide range of physical activities including playing games, competing athletically, and even building forts and play structures.

Poppy Cat, based on the book series by Lara Jones, models the use of imagination and storytelling to encourage creative thinking in viewers. Each episode features the narrator Lara, reading a story about Poppy Cat, to her own cat (who is also named Poppy). She weaves an exciting tale following her imagination, which leads her to distant lands reached by boat, plane, hot air balloon or train. Each story features Poppy Cat, as the leader of a group of animal friends, a resident bully Egbert the badger, and other occasionally recurring characters. A prevailing message emerges within each episode to be nice to your friends and always work together. There remains an overarching implicit message within every episode as well: think creatively and exercise your mind through reading and storytelling - for these activities always lead to enjoyment and adventure.

Tree Fu Tom is a live action/animated series about a little boy who lives in a rural area and has a rich fantasy life in the woods behind his home. Tom uses specific movements to summon up magic powers that permit him to morph into an animated hero and fly around in Treetopolis, the fantasy version of his woods. While in Treetopolis, Tom and his friends, Ariella, Twigs, Squirmturn and Zigzoo will invariably run into a problem or disaster that needs fixing. Tom calls upon the audience to practice original dance moves that will bring him "Big World" magic so he and his friends can resolve their challenge of the day. Educational messages reinforce positive socio-emotional content, with examples that model: being loyal to good friends, knowing how to ask for help, doing the right thing instead of what is convenient, making the effort to share rather than being selfish, or relying on teamwork in order to accomplish a goal.

NewsChannel 2 and NBC work to maintain limits on commercial content for these programs that meet the FCC standards as set out in the Children's Television Act of 1990.

As part of our compliance with the Children’s Television Act of 1990 NewsChannel 2 files quarterly reports about our efforts with the FCC. Those reports are available for viewing in our public file, at our offices at 5936 Smith Hill Road, Deerfield, NY. They are also on line:

Just type in the Call Letters WKTV, select with quarterly report you would like to view and Submit.

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