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By Cindy McNicholl

NewsChannel 2 and NBC present our Saturday morning children's programs as part of our commitment to our young viewers and in compliance with FCC regulations regarding Children's TV.

These shows are both educational and informative in nature and designed specifically for youngsters between the ages of 4 and 8 years old.

Our Saturday morning shows include:

TURBO DOGS - The show follows a group of six dogs from Racerville who love to compete with one another in races. In each story, one or more of the dogs encounter and solve problems that teach them social emotional lessons on good sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, playing fair, and friendship.
SHELLDON - an animated series about a school aged yoka shell mollusk named Shelldon. Each episode provides a direct social emotional lesson and many episodes provide informational content relating to the sea life habitat of Shell Land and environmental conservation.
MAGIC SCHOOL BUS - based on series of classic books for children about science written by Joanna Cole. The show features the ingenious Ms. Frizzle, an elementary school teacher and intrepid explorer who piles her students into her Magic School Bus and takes them on amazing field trips to impossible locations.
BABAR - based on the classic children's story of an elephant-king and his family in the city of Celesteville. Each episode of the show develops a social-emotional message such as taking responsibility, being patient and persistent in hard work, respecting people’s privacy, learning to cope with unforeseen changes, and being honest. 

WILLA’S WILD LIFE - an animated series centered on a six year old girl and her menagerie of animals. In each episode, Willa faces a challenge at home, in school or in her neighborhood. With her animals and best friend Dooley as key elements of her team, Willa works on solutions to overcome her challenge.
PEARLIE - an animated comedy series based on the children’s book series Pearlie the Park Fairy by Wendy Harmer. Through plot developments and with the assistance of her friends, Opal and Jasper, she learns what to do and what not to do in each situation so the park can be restored to order. 
NewsChannel 2 and NBC work to maintain limits on commercial content for these programs that meet the FCC standards as set out in the Children's Television Act of 1990.


As part of our compliance with the Children’s Television Act of 1990 NewsChannel 2 files quarterly reports about our efforts with the FCC. Those reports are available for viewing in our public file, at our offices at 5936 Smith Hill Road, Deerfield, NY. They are also on line: http://licensing.fcc.gov/KidVid/public/report/10/query.faces
Just type in the Call Letters WKTV, select with quarterly report you would like to view and Submit.

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