Kool Diggs Doggy Day Care & Pet Containment Systems of NY

By Cindy McNicholl


Have you ever left for work in the morning and felt guilty that your furry friend was going to be left home all day by himself? Perhaps you know that when you get home you'll find your potted plants flipped over, your slippers in the water bowl, and maybe even the unpleasant surprise of a doggy "accident" on the kitchen floor.

Here at Kool Diggs Doggy Daycare, we understand exactly how you feel. Often times when a dog is left alone for several hours a day, he will experience Separation Anxiety. This can cause your dog to destroy furniture, bark non-stop, or have an accident.

At Kool Diggs, our staff will provide your dog with supervised play time and walks as well as any specialized attention you may request such as treats, baths, even a thorough brushing. When you and your dog return home after a busy day, you will notice that your dog is happy, relaxed, and maybe even ready for bed!


Kool Diggs Doggy Day Care

Kool Diggs Doggy Day Care

Oneida Shopping Center at North Main Street

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Oneida, NY  13421

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Pet Containment Systems of NY

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Pet Containment Systems of NY


We're your local Pet Stop Dealer. Our staff has assisted our customers in keeping thousands of dogs safe and in their own yards. If it is children, other dogs, wildlife, or the busy road that makes your dog want to leave home, we can help. Our staff has the experience to make you and your dog’s life a happy one. 

We offer the following services: 


Expert - Pet Friendly Design  The design of your pet containment system is critical to the success of the system. This is why we offer a free no-obligation, in-home consultation. With our trained staff, we will be able to detect any potential problems that may need special attention and make necessary adjustments to ensure your system keeps your pet safe in your yard.

Pet Training  The key to any successful dog fence system is the training and no two dogs are alike. We’ve trained hundreds of dogs over the years to respect their boundaries and stay safe in their yards using stress free techniques.

Installation  Construction today is filled with underground wires for cable, electricity, telephone and many other home enhancements. That’s why you need an experienced installer to ensure your system will be installed properly without causing signal problems or areas where your system will not work.

Continued Service  Service after the sale! We service all brands of pet fences! Our products are compatible with most brands sold today. Regardless of brand, look to us for quality service.

Battery Plans  Nothing is more important to the successful operation of your system than the battery you use in the receiver collar. By buying batteries from us you are assured of always receiving a fresh and tested battery that’s right for your collar. We guarantee every battery we ship. We even offer a battery plan where a fresh battery will be shipped to you on time when needed.


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