2 the Prom - Susan's Prom

2 the prom

Susan Campbell


Even though I had already been to other formal dances, Senior Prom at Jackson High School was a milestone I had been looking forward to throughout school.  The theme of the big dance was "Remember Me This Way."
I didn't have to worry about finding a date, because I knew my boyfriend at the time, Jed, and I were going to go together.  That means, my only worry was finding the MOST PERFECT dress in the world.  My mom and I went on a serious shopping trip in search of the gown.  We finally found it at a little boutique about 2 hours away from my hometown.  (I told you it was a serious shopping trip!)
Well, after I had the "perfect" dress, I didn't trust Jed to pick out "perfect" flowers to go with it, so I ordered them on my own and just told him where and when to pick them up.  (What can I say?  He's a sports guy who didn't know anything about flowers! Fortunately, I knew he couldn't have cared less about my corsage or his boutinere.)
After Jed came to pick me up, our parents took a million pictures at my house and the park across the street from my high school.  The group I was with rented out an entire restaurant for dinner, and then we went to the dance, where I was voted onto the Prom Court.
We danced the night away with 1,000 of our closest friends, and then went to After Prom at our high school for games, karaoke, and even more food.
By far, one of the coolest parts of the weekend was that almost everyone from my high school went to Cedar Point on the Sunday after prom.  Cedar Point is a HUGE amusement park right on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio.  My group of friends spent the whole day there riding roller coasters, eating unhealthy food, and enjoying our last big event before graduation.



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Susan Campbell Prom
Susan Campbell Prom


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