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By Cindy McNicholl

The Raymour & Flanigan Furniture Exceeding Expectations Program rewards and supports student achievement. This program is designed for students who have shown diligence in their academic pursuits, and have exceeded the expectations of their teachers and themselves in the process. The program also honors teachers for increased participation in overall student development. Instead of just looking for “top” students, we seek to recognize students who have shown exceptional improvement by overcoming substantial environmental, learning, and/or physical challenges.

Contest is open to students in all middle schools.

Here is how it works:

Teachers will nominate students who should be evaluated on the following criteria:

• Academic Improvement – Perhaps a ‘D’ student improves to a ‘C’ average or better

• Attendance – A student has attended school much more regularly
• Leadership – Maybe an average student becomes a leader in a campaign to curb violence, stop drug use, or promote literacy

• Overall Good Citizenship – A student who is willing to lend a hand with school, functions, participate in school activities like plays, school newspapers, community programs, or sports programs

Students can be nominated only once by one teacher, so where multiple teachers instruct a particular student, the primary or homeroom teacher should nominate and coordinate on behalf of the student. Each individual teacher can nominate up to two students.

Raymour & Flanigan Exceeding Expectations nominations should be received from the teacher in the form of a 200 word or less essay describing the student’s accomplishments and explaining why the student is being recognized for exceeding expectations. The essay should may also detail how the teacher has helped to mentor or coach this particular student.

Students could win a home computer system and a $250 back to school shopping spree while the nominating teacher could win a home computer and a $250 back to school shopping spree too!

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