2 the Prom - Andrea's Prom

By Jerry Walsh

2 the prom

Andrea Bullard

Going to the prom…when I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to go to the prom. Just the thought of getting all dressed up in a fancy dress, getting my hair done, nails and makeup, I couldn’t wait.

My junior year I went to the prom and so did all my best girlfriends. We started getting ready for the big day months before. Dress shopping and trying everything on. One thing you HAVE to keep in mind, a dress might look awful on the hanger, but amazing on you.

Then as the date got closer you start to think about where you are going to eat, what time to get your hair and nails done, and how you’ll get to the dance.

My date had our ride covered. His dad owns a large car dealership and he got his pick of the lot. I was all excited when I heard that. Maybe we would take a Porsche or Astin Martin, but that was short lived when I realized it was an American dealer. Needless to say we took a Camaro. But hey, it had t-tops, so that was cool.

Overall the prom was a great time! Dancing and hanging out with all your friends and the thought that the world stops for you on that one night when you play “dress up.”

My only advice is not to put too much pressure on making the prom “perfect.” Just have fun; I mean you can always make it up at the prom next year, or your wedding right?

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Andrea Bullard

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