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2 the prom

Kristen Copeland
New Hartford High School

At New Hartford we had a Junior Prom and a Senior Ball. I never thought having a "ball" was odd until I started talking to people from out of town. They had no idea what it was or why we wouldn't just call it a prom. Since this is the prom page and it was new to me at the time…I figured I would share my junior year with you.


Growing up you couldn't wait to go to the prom. You would watch older friends and cousins in their grand marches. Now it was my turn. I was so nervous. My boyfriend at the time went to a different school and didn't want to go to my prom (we later broke up, obviously) so my friend John Danella asked me to be his date. I remember the day like it was yesterday…we were in Mr. Brady's chemistry class.


I think planning and preparing for the prom was just as much fun as the dance itself. I remember looking at dresses with my friends…in the stores, online, in magazines. But shopping got serious when I was with mom. It really wasn't too difficult. I tried on a couple here and there…but fell in love with a royal blue beaded gown at Donna Maries Bridal Shop. At the time my mom was hesitant about the amount of skin I would be showing but the way I look at it now…It could have been way worse.


Fast forward through countless dress fittings.


The theme of our prom was "Hold on to the Night", by Richard Marx. It was a sit down dinner and dancing at the Radisson. Hmm music that was popular at the time. I think the Macarena, The Thong Song and Who Let The Dogs Out. Of course there was much better music but those stick out like a sore thumb. Dancing in big groups was all the rage… It may still be, I have no idea. It was nice because it was less awkward. Which reminds me that Cotton Eye Joe was also a popular song for some unknown reason. It was put out years before my prom. Either way it got everyone involved. Cotton Eye Joe was the less complicated Electric Slide (which I still have no idea how to do). People in my graduating class are probably thinking, "that's what she remembers"?? Sorry…the odd memories stick out. Email me


If you're looking at my pictures…yes, I had bangs. No, I didn't think there was anything wrong with them. At the same time I look back and know I had fun being my age and not trying to act older. Anyway, I had a ball! Thanks John J .  


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