2 the Prom - Nicole's Prom

By Jerry Walsh

2 the prom

Nicole Estaphan

Ah prom, the culmination of all that is fun, memorable and of course embarrassing about High School. I grew up in a town that had both a junior and senior prom, but you were considered extra "cool" if you were a freshman or sophomore that was invited to go with an upperclassman. I was lucky enough to go all four years, to the common, to take pictures of my much "cooler" friends.

The common was the center of my small town and on prom night everyone gathered there to take pictures, walk the gray gravel, and model their way overpriced gowns.

Although I spent my underclassman years as one of the observers in the crowd, junior year I was lucky enough to have snagged a boyfriend, so off to prom it was. I was just so excited to be going, to what I considered at the time the biggest night of my life, that I wasn't picky about the dress or all the frills at all. I could have worn a paper bag and been happy. Well, that is until I realized four hours before prom that my everyday ponytail would just not do. So my mother and I whipped out the yellow pages and preceded to call every hair salon in Worcester County, but try getting a hair appointment on Prom night, like I said it's a small town, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I can't remember where I ended up going but I do remember the rest of the night being the best. As you can see from the picture with the glasses, prom for me was all about having fun with friends.

Senior year was much of the same, but I decided to go with a friend to what would be my last prom. The theme was, "Theses are the Days to Remember," and that pretty much sums it up.

My advice if you are getting ready for the big night, have fun, don't stress too much, don't spend all your parents hard earned money on a dress you'll likely wear once and most of all love the moment because moments go by much too fast.

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Nicole Estaphan

Nicole Estaphan
Nicole Estaphan

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