By Cindy McNicholl

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Tuxedo Junction

Tuxedo Junction

Sangertown Square Mall (inside Sears)

Route 5 & 5A
New Hartford, NY 13413

(315) 797-1725

Tuxedo Junction

What makes a formalwear company right for me?

It’s what they can do for you - and nobody can do more than a company that specializes in tuxedos. A formalwear expert who specializes in tuxedos will make sure all of the guys in your wedding look great on your wedding day. Tuxedo Junction associates go through an extensive training program and are certified by the Formalwear Specialists of America.

When is the best time to register for my formalwear?
How about NOW? Truthfully, the more time you give the guys in your wedding to be measured, the better. Let them know you’re registered at Tuxedo Junction, and they can stop in anytime to get measured, even if you don’t know what styles or colors you want them to wear. You can make those choices at a later date.

Where should I go if I’m looking for a specific designer?
Rather than looking for a specific designer, look for a tuxedo style you like. What looks good on the groom is more important than the label in side the coat. Look for a tuxedo that fits your particular style. Tuxedo Junction has one of the largest selections of formal fashions in the country, from tradition to contemporary. We make it easy for you to fit your individual style.

Getting measured is a hassle. How can I make it easier for the guys to get measured?
Your attendants can go into any Tuxedo Junction to be measured, and then pick up their tuxedo when they arrive for the wedding. We have 30 different stores in 10 cities in 3 states.

What if there's not a Tuxedo Junction where they live? Should they just rent the formalwear out there & bring it to the wedding?
We recommend that all of your tuxedos come from the same formalwear specialist to guarantee uniformity. Tuxedo Junction offers a special program for out-of-town attendants, called Formalwear Anywhere. We give you a form, which they take to a formalwear dealer where they live to get their measurements (most companies do this as a professional courtesy - and we strongly recommend they DO NOT measure themselves!). Then all they have to do is fill out the form & mail it back to us. Or they can send it to us electronically through the Out-of-Town Measurements section of our website. Then, when they arrive in town for the wedding, their tuxedo will be waiting for them.

My bridesmaids have a unique dress color. How can I be sure the groomsmen will color coordinate?
Bring a sample of your bridesmaids' dress fabric to Tuxedo Junction, and our Certified Formalwear Specialists will help you color coordinate everything. We carry more than 150 different styles & colors of vests. We can make sure everything coordinates beautifully for you special day.

We have some very large guys in our wedding party. Will that be a problem?
No. Tuxedo Junction carries tuxedos in sizes 3 to 76 - every size, from weight lifter to weight watcher. And we make it right, with alteration on the spot. So be sure your attendants try their tuxedos on in the store, and not at home, so alterations can be made immediately. It may take more time now, but it will save you time - and worry - later on.

Can you handle last-minute changes?
Yes. Tuxedo Junction owns all of its own merchandise; we don’t rent from someone else. So if you need something last-minute, we’ll have it.

What about really last-minute-like after the store has already closed?
Tuxedo Junction is the only company that offers after-hours services. Our toll-free, 24-hour "Groom’s Hot Line" offers last-minute help with your formalwear questions.

I’m engaged to a bit of a klutz. What happens if he spills something on his shirt on the day of the wedding?
Tuxedo Junction gives the groom an extra shirt at no extra cost - just so he’s prepared for any accidents or emergencies.


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