CMN Miracle Stories 2007

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Children's Miracle Network Miracle Stories

Tyler Marris
Staff Infection in knee

Like any 6-year-old, Tyler Marris enjoys playing. He loves the outdoors, enjoys hot wheels and is a big fan of Sponge Bob Square Pants. He loves soccer, riding his bike and school. In mid-April Tyler was hospitalized at Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare with an injury that occurred after he developed a very small cut when playing with a spool of thread. His parents credit Faxton-St. Luke's for Tyler's quick recovery and say words that would describe FSLH staff, nurses and doctors are "great, excellent, thorough, wonderful" and that the staff exemplify the care Tyler received. They said it was the little things that mattered for Tyler . Nurses coming in during the middle of the night to play battleship and a therapist who worked to build Tyler 's confidence back up step-by-step. Tyler is doing great - he is back at school, is learning to run again and is on the road to recovery.


Madelynn Martha Light & Kyle Albert Light
Premature Twins

It's hard to wipe the smile off of Melissa and Jeff Light's faces. The couple has good reason to smile as they have been doubly blessed. Nine years of trying to have a child has resulted in the birth of twins. Born eight weeks premature, the babies spent several weeks in the Special Care Nursery. While there, a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses cared for the babies. CMN played several roles in the baby's birth and recovery and the Light's say the care they received was excellent.

One person they interacted with was Michelle Waite, a nurse in the Special Care Nursery, who was working her shift when Madelynn and Kyle were born. She was able to go out and tell Dad the weight of the babies even though at the time there was not too much she could say. Both parents are very happy they were able to keep their children close to home and not have to send them out of town to received specialized care. Both babies are now home.

Sarah Penner

Apraxia - Motor Speech Problem - Trouble sequencing

Simple words sometimes aren't so simple for six-year-old Sarah Penner of Hubbardsville. Sarah is the fourth child of Lisa and Russell Penner and has apraxia, a speech disorder in which a person has trouble saying what he or she wants to say correctly and consistently. One of the most notable symptoms is difficulty putting sounds and syllables together in the correct order to form words. Longer or more complex words are usually harder to say than shorter or simpler words. For example, Sarah can say the word "curt," but may have troubles when saying a word like "curtain" and even more trouble when saying a phrase like "curtain rod."

Sarah's speech therapist is Erin Reed. Erin credits the Penner family and their work outside of the Faxton-St. Luke's speech sessions for her continued growth and improvement. The Penners are very thankful to CMN for helping to cover some of the cost of the speech sessions and for helping their little girl better communicate with them.





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