Dan and Karisma Golden*

By WKTV News


6 Years Of Marriage. This Lovely Couple have gone through a lot of Trials and Tribulations. They have seen their fair share of hurt, pain and suffering. With them Living for the Lord Jesus Christ, they have came out on top. He works and shes a Full Time Stay at Home Mom. He is a Devoted Husband to Her and a Wonderful Dad to his boys. His Life He has given to Jesus Christ. Karisma She Devotes her whole life to God, Church Her Kids and Her Husband. You will not find a Lady like her. She Tries so hard to be a Proverbs 31 Lady. She evens Home School her 2 boys and would like another one. Lord Willing she always says.I Just want to Give them a Recognition of their Loyalty to Each Other. They have a bond that I don't even think the Devil himself can tear apart. God Bless and May the Lord Bless You With Many More.

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