Leo W. Nelsen, Sr.*


-When Leo was younger, he loved to read the paper.

- He loves pets – his favorite type of animals are dogs (breed is Collie).

- Traveling

- Past Hobbies:
o Biking
o Reading
o Gardening
Current Hobbies:
o Going on Walks
o Watching the current weather on the weather station

Secrets of Longevity:
- Staying active. Leo’s favorite quote is, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Leo enjoys working out in the gym at his retirement center on a daily basis. In addition, he also participates in group exercise class.

- A goodnight’s sleep and not worrying

- Eating healthy

- Many years as a Nebraska farmer working in the fresh air.

- Being with family. Leo’s older son lives in St. Louis with his family. Leo likes to spend time with them during the holiday season. In addition, Leo always looks forward to his weekly Wal-Mart shopping trips.

Something unique/personal about Leo:
- Leo is a 1st generation Danish American. His parents immigrated from Denmark in the 19th century. He did not learn English until he went to country school.

- Leo is a WWII veteran and was involved in many of the major European campaigns involving D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge.

- Leo was a farmer in northeast Nebraska most of his working life.

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