Boilermaker gets first South Dakota runner in race history


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Boilermaker Road Race brings runners from all over the country and world to Utica, but South Dakota is the only state that has never been represented until now. This year not one, but three people from South Dakota are taking part in the race and they had no idea they'd be the first from their state.

"I always assumed that number would be small but it's going to be 3 this year me and my son and daughter and myself," said Bryan Foley who traveled from South Dakota to run the race.

Foley and his 15 year old son will be running America's Greatest 15 K and his daughter will be running the 5 K. They'll be the first South Dakota runners to participate in the Boilermaker. Hearing about the race from relatives, Foley decided he'd give it a try.

"Just the challenge," said Foley when asked why he decided to travel to Utica to run the Boilermaker. "I've run a couple different races, a couple triathlons and so forth and I just decided it's something different, I've never ran a 15 K and it just sounded like with 14,000 people around why not, it's wild."

While a little nervous, on Friday Foley said he's determined to finish and fill in the last state on the map.

"My only goal is to cross the finish line... I don't care where just as long as I cross," said Foley. "There might be a little bit of walking along the way but it's all right we'll finish it one way or another."

NEWSChannel 2's full coverage of the Boilermaker Road Race starts at 7 am on Sunday.

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