Nearly 1,000 registered for 2012 Boilermaker, fireworks tonight to celebrate


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Registration for the 2012 Boilermaker Road Race opened at midnight Saturday and nearly 1,000 people have already submitted their information to participate. The cap for the 2012 15K Road Race is set at 14,000 for the 35th anniversary of the event. Nearly 1,000 people were registered as of Saturday afternoon. Event organizers expected a busy registration day Saturday because of the 13,000-runner cap set last year and the many people who were turned away to participate. Race Director Jim Stasaitis said, "I think we're going to see a big surge tonight. I think by tomorrow morning we'll have well over 1000 people registered. So many people got closed out last year. I think they're just nervous. They want to do it. It's a popular race, one of the most popular in the country. I think by April we'll be closed out." Fireworks will celebrate the first day of registration. They are scheduled for dusk on Saturday night, originating from the P.J. Green parking lot on Whitesboro Street.

To register for the 2012 Boilermaker Road Race, click this link to

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