Some businesses calling Boilermaker their busiest weekend of the year


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Some 13,000 runners, plus their fans, family, and friends equals and estimated 40,000 people descending on Utica this weekend, and restaurants and hotels spent Friday making their final preparations.

Business is brisk at Babe's Macaroni Grill and Bar in Utica.

In the kitchen, pasta preparations were going smoothly throughout the day, with hundreds of pounds of pasta ready to be served up to thousands of hungry runners on Saturday night.

Manager Jeff Stone said the restaurant looks forward to Boilermaker weekend every year. In addition to the free pasta dinner Babe's serves up for 15K participants, the restaurant plans on serving 1,000 more customers than they would on a regular Saturday night.

Boilermaker Business is good for hotels, too.

Hotel Utica General Manager Tony Tsia said that a majority of people made their reservations well in advance. Meanwhile, it was also all-hands-on-deck at the Radisson. General Manager Mark Cherry was preparing to be over-run with runners, saying that all of the hotels 162 rooms were booked for Saturday night.

"When you're full, you're full," Cherry said. "We often joke about pitching some tents on the roof."

Oneida County Tourism said that if you do need a hotel room on Saturday night, call hotels in neighboring counties, as some of them do have rooms available.

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