Boilermaker Fun Facts

  • There have been three race directors: Earle Reed, Bob Ingalls, and Jim Stasaitis. 
  • Last year was the very first Baghdad race, Marty Muchow won first place with a time of 56:46. 
  • The Boilermaker began distributing "finisher pins" in 1985.
  • From 1978 – 1992, Matts Brewing Company was on the back of the official Boilermaker glass distributed to participants. 1993 was the first year that Saranac was on the glass. 
  • The first 5K glass was issued in 2004. The first walk glass was issued in 2007. 
  • The Boilermaker Course was changed in 1997. The 15k Road Race was first timed with the chip in 1999. The 5K was first timed in 2007. 
  • Through 2008, there have been 159,615 finishers. 
  • Joshua McDougal ran the Boilermaker in 1999 at age 14 with a time of 52:42. He still holds the record for the age group of 14 and under. In 2002, Caitlin E. McTague, also a 14 year old, ran the Boilermaker in 58:13. She also still holds the record for fastest female time in the age group 14 and under. 
  • John Cahill and Regina C. Tumidajewicz both captured the record for best times in the age group of 75 and older, both were 75 at the time. In 1999, John won his age bracket for men with a time of 1:08:38. In 2002 Regina won her age bracket for women with a time of 1:58:35. 
  • Ed Eyestone was the last American male to win the Boilermaker in 1991. In 1989, Michelle Bush-Cuke was the last American woman to win. 1989 was also the last time both a male and female from the United States have won. Michelle won along with Jon Sinclair in 1989. 
  • The highest percentage of people running the 15K and 5K are students and the highest percentages of people that participate in the 3 mile walk are retired. 
  • Last year, 499 people attended the Boilermaker from other countries. 
  • West Utica has won the Boilermaker Block Party Competition 5 times in the last 8 years.

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