2009: Boilermaker Race Director: "Everything should be in good shape"


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Boilermaker weekend is just around the corner. To ensure things are in perfect condition, the Boilermaker Committee and volunteers participated in an annual early run of the course Sunday.

About 80 people in total took to the streets of Utica to test out the course. Committee members said that things were looking good but a few final touches need to be made.

Race Director Jim Stasaitis said, "People are taking a look at the road conditions, let the city know if there's potholes to be filled up, and anything along the curse, whether it's debris, they'll let the solid waste know about that so everything can be picked up for next week's race."

One thing on many people's minds is the timing issue that took place last year. They are focused on doing multiple tests to ensure the problem does not happen again.

Stasaitis said, "Final testing will be that morning, but all of the equipment has been checked, rechecked, making sure there is a no fly zone really at the start of the race so there's no electronics around there, we've looked into it from last year, everything should be in good shape."

Stasaitis does have one matter left to attend to. Each year, he shaves the Boilermaker logo into the back of his head. He said he will get that done by Thursday or Friday.

He also adds that this will be the second largest Boilermaker ever. It all gets underway this week with the Boilermaker Mile Run on Wednesday.

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