Race officials: "Almost perfection"


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Boilermaker officials say this year's race is among the best ever.

Race data shows that a little over 89% of those starting the 15K finished, tieing the highest percentage in it's 32 year history.

Many are still recovering from the 15K today, but Reed says they're likely doing so more comfortably than in previous years.
Medical tent visits were down 196 to 105. That made it the safest Boilermaker ever.

Executive Director of the Race,Tim Reed, says he's a little nervous things went as well as they did.

"The one thing the scares me a little is that sometimes you want to have things go wrong because it was just so good this year it was almost perfection, so I've got to make sure those things happen," said Reed.

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