Boilermaker numbers are up - Registration goes up next week

By Jason Powles

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you are planning to run the Boilermaker this year and haven't signed up better do it now. Officals are raising the price on June first for both the 15K and the 5K.

After June first, 15K runners will pay $50 to toe the line. 5K runners will have to pay $30. If that's not reason enough, the number of registered runners is up 30 percent from this time last year. Officals are saying that if this keeps up they will cap the race and close people out.

Coming up on Friday on NEWSChannel 2 at Six, we will introduce you to the new D-Tag. It will replace the timimg chip runners have been using to have their offical time recorded during the race.

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