Boilermaker Road Race numbers continue to rise

By Sports WKTV

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you haven't signed up for the Boilermaker yet, you had better hurry up. The numbers are up and time is running out.

The 15k race is up 23 percent from last year at this time while the 5k is up 47 percent. Registration closes on June 25th. Director of Public Relations Marry MacEnroe says the reason the numbers are up has alot to do with the sport gaining popularity.

"Racing is up overall. We were up 25 precent in the Hall of Fame race. All nationals races are up. Boston closed out early, NY closed out early, Marine Corp closed out early. With the recession and everything that is going on, people are taking time to take care of themselves. They are over stressed and what a better way than to go out and run and make you feel better."

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