As Boilermaker clocks ticks down, officials make sure course is safe

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - With 60 days to go before the Boilermaker Road Race, race officials are making sure the course is safe and runners and spectators feel secure here at home.

"We're probably not gonna' have the cannons this year," said Boilermaker Executive Director Tim Reed. "We have to have a discussion about that. We'll be doing that in conjunction with other things so we get the message out once."

The cannon is usually the signal that the race has started, something that, until Boston, probably wouldn't have startled anyone.

Technology will play a big role this year in keeping everyone safe.

"We've gone to all the businesses along the route and asked who had cameras and the capabilities on that particular day to keep the cameras running," said Utica Police Sgt. Steve Hauck. "Hopefully for us, if something should happen, we'll have access quickly."

"Not only do we have the race itself, we have the after party," said Reed. "Nothing, at least in the state, is as big as that is. We take all of those people and spectators and put them in a two block radius."

Reed says the public won't even notice the vast majority of new security measures.

"We just want to make sure everyone feels comfortable or whatever it is," Reed said. "Saying this, if we get rid of the cannons, .how the heck do I tell 13,000 people that the race has just started? We'll get through that. It's going to be a safe and fun race."

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