Bib Pick-Up a first stop at Boilermaker Expo


BOILERMAKER 2013 (WKTV) - Friday morning, workers were busy setting up the bib pick-up area at the 2013 Boilermaker Expo in the Jorgensen Athletic Center at Mohawk Valley Community College.

Officials in charge of bib pick-up say that things are expected to go very smoothly, but they did give runners a valuable tip in order to make it go quickly, if you're looking to get in and out fast.

"I would say Saturday afternoon, try and avoid if you can," said Packet Distribution Coordinator Ken Ziobro. "It seems like a lot of people come down from Canada Saturday afternoon and from 2 o'clock on, on Saturday, it really gets busy, but any time before that is fine."

Runners can grab their bib until 7 p.m. Friday night and from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Saturday in the MVCC gym.

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