WKTV.com to host second Boilermaker BibSwap web event Tuesday

WKTV.com will host a second Boilermaker BibSwap web event Tuesday, June 12 at 5:00 p.m.

What that means is that NEWSChannel 2 wants to help match people up who have a confirmed Boilermaker registration and can't use it with people who want to run the Boilermaker this year but were locked out of registration.

The 14,000 person cap was reached back in the spring, leaving many wanting to run but not able to register.

People become unable to run the Boilermaker for several reasons. Some may not be diligent with their training. Others may have conflicting events on Sunday, July 8 such as a wedding or vacation plans.

Whatever the reason, we know there are people who are registered that can't  run and would be willing to swap their bibs with someone who is ready and eager.

New this year, the Boilermaker announced a formal bib swapping policy to allow for this to take place. In the past, trading bibs was against the rules for medical reasons. Now, if you follow procedure, bib trading is allowed.

WKTV.com wants to help out. We will offer a live blog and video feed that will match people who don't have a bib with those who do.

Log on to WKTV.com during our live web stream of the Live at Five Newshour and NEWSChannel 2 at 6:00. We will have special BibSwap updates in between the newscasts on the live stream only.

We will also have Boilermaker officials on hand to explain the formal swapping procedures and to answer any questions about this year's Boilermaker Road Race.

NEWSChannel 2 and WKTV.com will only act as the medium in which people can find each other and exchange contact information. We are not responsible for any monetary transactions between parties or for guaranteeing people a bib.

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