Boilermaker Shadow Run in Kuwait cancelled

By WKTV News

KUWAIT (WKTV) - The 2014 Boilermaker Shadow Run scheduled to be held at Camp Buerhing, Kuwait, has been cancelled due to high temperatures. 
Temperatures have been averaging between 116-118 degrees Fahrenheit with no prospect of dropping in the long term forecast.
Shadow Runs are traditionally held the same day as the run they are commemorating take place. The Boilermaker had sent race gear to support the effort. 
"Due to the heat index and strong possibility of heat-related injuries we simply cannot facilitate the run," said 1st Lieutenant Jeffery Ruso, of the 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade in the National Guard. "It's disappointing as we had mile markers made up to commemorate the run." 
Lieutenant Ruso was race director of the 2012 shadow run which took place in Afghanistan. 
This would have been the 7th Shadow Run supported by the Boilermaker. 
Three have taken place in Iraq and three in Afghanistan. In 2011 a run, planned to be held in Iraq, did not occur due to military operations.  

"While we are honored that troops want to recreate a race that they love, safety must be paramount," said Tim Reed, president of the Boilermaker Road Race. "We just want to see these courageous men and women come home safe and sound." 

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