Boilermaker Transfer Policy and Rules

Official Transfer Policy from the Boilermaker Road Race
- Transfer policy applies to both 15K and 5K Road Races
- Participants registered for the 35th Boilermaker can legally transfer their registration to another person. 
- When you transfer your registration, you WILL NOT receive a refund from the Boilermaker Road Race. You will need to recover your cost from the person buying your registration/bib. The Boilermaker Road Race accepts no responsibility for third party transactions.
-Once you have submitted your transfer request, it CAN NOT be cancelled. 
-The new runner receiving your bib number must pay a $10 transfer fee and fill out the Transferee Registration Form in order to complete the online transaction with the Boilermaker Road Race.
Instructions - Registered Runner (Transferor)
1. The register runner must go to Search for your name on the Registration Verification page to retrieve your tracking number. You will need your Boilermaker Tracking Number to complete your transfer form.
2. The currently registered runner (Transferor) must fill out the Transferor request form online (at no cost). You must use the exact information you originally registered with and click “submit”. You must include your Boilermaker Tracking Number.
3. After completion, Transferor will receive an email from within three business days with a “unique code number”, hyperlink, and password.
4. It is your (the Transferor) responsibility to forward this “unique code number”, hyperlink, and password to the participant whom you are transferring your registration to.
* The Transfer request must be received by June 15th 2012.
* No additional time will be given under any circumstances.
Click here to go to the Transferor request form.

Instructions - New Runner (Transferee)
Once you have received the “unique code number”, hyperlink, and password from the Transferor;
1. Please click on the link in the email and register. 
2. You will be utilizing the drop down menu on the Transfer Registration Form to locate your unique code number and password. 
3. Continue to fill out the registration form completely and click “submit”. 
4. Your cost for transfer registration is $10.00 paid online at
A Confirmation email will be issued to you from “”. If you do not receive that email, please email Runners should be able to verify their transfer is complete within 10 business days of the transfer.

The Transferee’s request/registration must be received by June 22, 2012.  The Boilermaker is not responsible for anyone who does not complete the transfer process by June 22, 2012.    

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