Boilermaker awards scholarships to five area youths

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Boilermaker is promoting distance running among the younger members of the community with five checks, each valued at $1,000 handed out Friday to five area athletes from Holland Patent, New Hartford, and Clinton.

The Boilermaker Committee says you don't need to be the fastest runner to get a scholarship, you just need to be committed to the sport. In the past seven years, the Boilermaker has helped 33 students with college finances.

"The Boilermaker feels education is an important component," said Boilermaker Executive Director Tim Reed. "These are people...that the life lessons they learn in regards to just going to carry them real well in regards to college. So we want to give them a little extra jump start as they go on to the next phase in their life."

On the receiving end of the scholarships for 2011 were Leah Rice, Dylan Racha and Cody Racha, all of Holland Patent, who were honored for "Outstanding Achievement in Distance Running."

Also honored were Aaron Tompkins from New Hartford and Erica Freund from Clinton, who won scholarships for "Outstanding Commitment in Distance Running."

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