Boilermaker gets new logo, pushes back registration date


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Last year's unprecedented mad rush to sign up for the Boilermaker 15k Road Race brought a high number of no-shows. Nearly a full fifth of those 14,000 entrants, roughly 18%, never made it to the starting line.

In an effort to cut down on that high number of no-shows, race officials are opening registration for the 2014 races two months later than this year.
"In the past opening up six months ahead of time, all of a sudden you register in the middle of January and by the end of February, cousin Susan's getting married. Not going to be able to make it that weekend. This might give everyone a chance to know what their calendar is, how they're training and if they're ready to go," says Race Director Jim Stasaitis, adding that moving registration closer to race day will also give runners a better idea of whether or not they're physically prepared to run the demanding course.
Registration for the 2014 race opens Saturday, March 22, at noon Eastern Standard Time.
"Ok I haven't even started training, it's March, I don't have that much time. I'm not going to do it. I'll let somebody who's ready to run, register for the race," says Stasaitis.
Last year's 15k sold out in about 63 hours. Race officials expect the 2014 race could sell out in less than 24 hours. They remind those who obtained deferments from this year's race that it doesn't automatically guarantee them a spot in this year's race; they still have to sign up, but they'll receive a coupon code in their e-mail, allowing them to sign up for a reduced cost of $10. 
Also on Wednesday, race officials unveiled the 2014 race logo. Unlike recent years' logos, the 2014 logo does not incorporate the running man. It's the race name, at a tilt so as to convey motion.  Also, the race number, 37, is written above the title in Roman numerals.  The MVCC student who designed the logo says he knew it was a departure from many prior ones, but he took a chance.
"I'm gonna do something completely new. I'm gonna do something that didn't exactly incorporate the boilermaker-the running man. When I did that, I thought this is either going to be hit or miss, and, it paid off," says Jacob Dowker.

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