Boilermaker officials warn of risks of selling race bibs


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Boilermaker staff members say that because the race is capped at 13,000, some people are selling their bibs to others who did not register on time.

Officials say it is dangerous from a medical standpoint to have people running under other peoples names.

"Okay, I am running with Tim Reed's number," said Race Director Jim Stasaitis using Tim Reed as an example. "And Tim has an allergic reaction to penicillin and he goes down on the course. We are going to treat him for what we see and notify the family that Tim Reed went down on the course, but wait - he is standing right next to me. Who is this person we have laying on the ground?"

Stasaitis says it also is unfair to all the other runners who paid and are competing for prizes, to sell a bib.

"It messes everything up if they finish in the money," Stasaitis said. "All of a sudden, a 65 year old female running is going to finish with an 85 (time) for her group and this guy runs in the 60s. A new age group record and it is just not true."

Stasaitis says runners were selling bibs online, some on E-Bay, others in person. If they are caught, they will be banned from entering future races, Stasaitis said.

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