Don't let your shoes be 'sneaks' for the Boilermaker

By WKTV News

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - The 2014 Boilermaker is just one week away, and people from across the region are getting set with their running sneakers for the 9-mile race.
The Sneaker Store in New Hartford has been getting a heavy rise in sales over the past few weeks, with people trying to do some last minute shopping for the perfect shoes to run in.
While selling essential items for the race, the store also sells fun Boilermaker apparel to the public as well.
"What we have here is swift boilermaker sock we do it as a limited edition type thing," said Todd Stevens of The Sneaker Store. "It's almost like a holiday around Utica when the Boilermaker is around, so we make sure we have apparel to match that."

The workers at The Sneaker Store stress the importance of thorough planning when it comes to the sneakers and clothes you wear when running for long distances. 

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