Expect some changes in the 2015 Boilermaker

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The big win that came out of the Boilermaker this year is we can add a 37th consecutive rain-free race to the list.

The stress of an impending storm made this one of the more challenging years for Boilermaker officials. Executive Director Tim reed says the Boilermaker was a big success, but he doesn't want to talk about the good.

He wants to focus on the downfalls, so race officials can work to make next year even better.

First -- with hopes of decreasing the number of walkers -- Reed wants to stress this is a running race.

Reed says two hours and 45 minutes is far too long to keep volunteers, law enforcement and medical personnel on hand -- not to mention the disruption to traffic.

Next year, you may see a sag wagon along the route picking up runners who don't meet the race cap.

This next issue is no surprise. The registration filled in record time of two hours and 19 minutes this year.

Reed says he doesn't think the first-come first-serve system is the most fair and it likely won't be how you sign up for the boilermaker next year.

"The races are going too fast," Reed said. "Whether we're talking Boston, New York, LA, Chicago, Marine Corps or whatever. (Those races) are employing a lottery-based system. There's a million different ways to do that."

Reed says while everyone should be proud of the international stature the race has achieved, models that made sense 10 or 15 years ago can't be used. The Boilermaker Committee will discuss the best method for registration for 2015.

Also during the race, there were 152 runners who received treatment, many for dehydration. However, on Sunday, a doctor on hand said the overcast conditions made for half the patients seen last year.

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