Final preparations made to Boilermaker's International Mile


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Final preparations are being put on the 34th Boilermaker Road race, one of them being the final touches for the International Mile, which many regard as one of the race's best kept secrets.

Members of the Boilermaker Committee, the major sponsor of the International Mile, MVCC and the head of the Refugee Center in Utica all agree that the stretch of the race of Culver Ave is the most unique and most exciting of the 9.3 miles.

The International Mile, a stretch between miles one and two, features nine different locations where 192 flags fly to represent the countries of the United Nations. Since 2007, the International Mile has been showing off Utica's diversity to thousands of runners.

"This used to be a very quiet stretch from what we understand, early on before the International Mile," said Peter Vogelaar, Executive Director of The Resource Center for Refugees. "Now, runners love to have the chance to run through all the different rhythms and beats and the different international groups playing and really be uplifted during the second mile, which is where you are really beginning to get into the run itself."

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