Huge turnout for Boilermaker Youth Olympics


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - On this Thursday before Boilermaker Sunday, hundreds of area youngsters fill Proctor Park in Utica for the annual Boilermaker Youth Olympics.

The hugely popular event is put on by the City of Utica and the Bank of America.

More than 400 kids participated in a variety of activities all day Thursday.

Utica Youth Bureau Director Sean Brown says the activities seem endless, "We have basketball, we have relay races, we have checkers, a giant checker board actually, Connect 4, baseball, kickball, we have some swimming events, there's always something going on."

Brown says this is an event that not only the kids look forward to, "We all love it. We've got some teenagers and staff as well as some college students, you know, 20 years old, and they have a blast with it too. You get to know some kids from the participating agencies and it's always a blast, it's always a great time."

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