Video Interview: Jean O'Toole of the New York Beef Council

BOILERMAKER 2011 (WKTV) - When it comes to eating right, it can be confusing to know where to start and what advice to take.

It can be even more confusing to decide on a healthy eating plan to fuel athletic performance. You see, sports nutrition is different from normal nutrition because with sports nutrition, the athletes require more nutrients to keep their energy up during their various activities.

Athletes perform strenuous activities, that is why more nutrients are needed to keep them running! By choosing to eat wisely you are supporting good health, optimum performance, and fueling your body for a big athletic event.

Click the video for a full-length interview with Jean O'Toole of the New York Beef Council discussing all the health events, screenings and more they are sponsoring at the Boilermaker 2011 Expo.

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