Marrone to run Boilermaker 5k


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Syracuse head football coach Doug Marrone will be running the Boilermaker 5k this Sunday.  The 2010 celebrity runner was announced at a press conference Monday morning at the National Distance Running Hall of Fame.

Marrone will join a record number of 5k runners, 2,362 as of Monday.  The big 15k race will also have more runners than ever before, with 13,089 expected.

In addition, the three mile walk on Saturday will have 459 participants, while the wheelchair race on Sunday will have twenty participants.

Executive Director Tim Reed  also warned against runners over training this week, with hot temperatures expected.  "They should not be engaging in long runs, should not be deciding I'm going to run the Boilermaker at noon today, because they're going to end up being our first casualties before the race is even begun."

Reed also talked about the involvement of Marrone.  "I've been talking to Doug about it and he's really excited, he's heard a lot about the race and he said I've got to do this. So we're excited to have Doug come on board."

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