Security Officials: "If you see something, say something"


BOILERMAKER 2013 (WKTV) - For 35 years the Boilermaker Committee focused on the safety and security of runners, not it's runner, spectators and volunteers.

Since the Boston Marathon, the motto has become "if you see something, say something," and officials are asking all in attendance to leave items like bags and coolers at home this year.

If you do need to bring items to the race, whether it be as a runner or as a spectator, officials say you need to make sure it is in a clear plastic bag. Clear plastic bags with the Boilermaker brand are available as part of runner packets at the Expo.

Officials say all baggage is subject to inspection and the Boilermaker Committee asks all in attendance to keep their open on race day.

"An unattended backpack, a package, something that doesn't seem to have an owner," said Director of Race Security Jim Simpson about some of the items to look out for. "Even if it does, we still like to check those things out. We've got a lot of people out there to do just that. Don't hesitate. If you see something, say something."

To report something suspicious, you can head to anyone along the course wearing a green Boilermaker shirt or call 911. Those calls will be dispatched to a special command center.

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