Sneaker sales up because of the Boilermaker


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Sneaker sales are way up in our area, ironically a week from the Boilermaker.

People invest time, energy and training into the Boilermaker road race, so why wouldn't they invest in a pair of brand new sneaks? The Sneaker Store in New Hartford see an influx in customers every year, around this time.

Richard Karaz, the owner of the store said, " The race is hugely important and what's nice about it is we don't want our customers to be one and done get the Boilermaker done and go hang out on the sofa...we want a lifestyle change."

Popular brands sold at the store this year, include Nike and Asics.

Karaz also said there is another brand flying off the shelves, "We're also seeing really good things from Upstar brands which are connected to the Boilermaker...a Colorado company called Newton."

Karaz emphasized finding the right apparel is important whether it be sneakers, a shirt or socks.

"The good advice is obviously not to put on something brand new...anything against your body...whether we're talking apparel or foot ware."

Lucky for late comers, today's shoes don't require much "breaking in," as sneakers did in the past.

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