The Dodge Water Stop, where volunteers stop for the past 25 Years

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) - Early in the race, spirits soar, and feet fly. But as runners inch toward mile three, the reality of what lies ahead, starts to hit. The Dodge Water stop near the corner of Valley View and the Parkway is a 25 year staple of constant boilermaker volunteers. "The first 1,000 go by with very little stopping but the next 9,000 it is a storm, people storm right in here it gets pretty busy," says volunteer Paul Holehan.

For the Dodge family the Boilermaker is a family affair, if you are not running you are volunteering says Lauren Dodge, "It is a family thing, each hand washes the other, they are out there running and training and we do this end for everyone."

Around the corner from the Dodge water stop, homeowners like Jon Stimpson take advantage of their prime real estate state to cheer on the runners as they climb the steepest part of the race. "We come out and enjoy the noise with them it is the best thing that Utica's got, you know that right,' says Stimpson.

Whether your carrying the weight of the world, or a patriotic message, there are supporters everywhere you look who have your back just in case, like a team of EMT's that include Anthony Walsh. "We are just making sure that the runners are safe, that they are staying hydrated, we are going to provide some support and see what they need," says Walsh ahead of the race.

What they need may be even the smallest bit of encouragement, from the tiniest fans. Between the support runners receive at every water stop, the medical assistance, and the cheering spectators, all that is left to carry runners across the finish line is a cold beer.

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