Erie Canal Trail to be expanded in Little Falls

LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Erie Canal has been around since 1825 in one form or another.

The trails along it for walking or biking have been building up for the past couple of decades, but the trail system does not extend the entire length of the canal, yet.

The head of the New York State Canal Corp, Brian Stratton is trying to change that.

Stratton is taking part in the bike tour across the state from Buffalo to Albany called 'Cycling the Erie', and at a number of stops along the Erie Canal, he is making some major announcements.

His latest is the funding has come through to expand the Erie Canalway Trail in Little Falls between the end of the Miller mile Trail and Route 167, which will link to existing Erie Canalway Trail segments to create a more than 40 mile continuous trail from Little Falls to Amsterdam.

Stratton says the work will begin in September.

During the bike tour Stratton also announced that a new eight mile stretch of trail will be built in Western New York, and a new bridge will be built over the canal in Fayetteville near Syracuse.

Stratton says ongoing improvements are vital. He said, "it's important that we keep investing in this great corridor, because communities like Little Falls, Utica, Rome, all depend on the economic resource that is the New York State Canal System. It brings boaters into their community, it brings dollars into their community. It's this great inland waterway which is a tremendous resource."

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