Baby born on 11-11-11 also has veteran father

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Newborn Kelsey Lynn Vanstenburg has a unique birth date of 11-11-11. A special date for it's numbers but also because its Veterans Day, especially because the newborn's father is a marine.

"It's a special moment for not only being her birthday but sharing it with something important for this country," says new father Aaron Vanstenburg.

Aaron is now in school locally after being stationed in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, helping out in Haiti after the earthquake, going to Spain and Africa, and several Arab countries training military and acting as standby for Afghanistan. But Aaron says being a father is something no boot camp could prepare.

"You got to actually do it to know what it's really like," says Aaaron. "Because I've held little cousins and stuff and it's just not the same."

Aaron and Allison had expected their baby to be born yesterday on the Marine Corps birthday, but say Veterans Day and 11-11-11 is just as great.

"Once in a century something like that, so that's kind of unique not that many people will have the exact birthday as she will," says mother Allison Stebman.

Allison and Aaron are engaged and now can't wait to bring their new baby home and for when Kelsey will learn about her special birth date.

"Im glad she'll grow up knowing not only is it your birthday but you also have to remember its Veterans Day and you have to thank everyone who's given their lives to our country," says Allison.

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