Baja Society holds annual car show

MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Sunday saw great weather for the Baja Society of Automotive Engineers student club's annual show on the campus of SUNYIT.

Besides inviting the public to show off their hot-rods, the students bring their own vehicles they built themselves called "Baja Cars". They race these off-road go-cart style cars in Baja competitions across the country.

Sophomore Ben Burris said, "They're small off-road vehicles and we compete across the country. It's a different place each year. We compete against about 100 schools and universities from around the world so we're trying to make a little money, and help the community. This is the biggest turn out we've ave in the last few years."

Several months of work and thousands of dollars go into getting the Baja cars race ready.

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