Cover your annuals, harvest your bulbs; hard frost is coming


Temperatures overnight from Friday to Saturday are expected to be in the 20s, and will definitely bring about the end of the growing season.

However, the folks at Cornell Cooperative Extension say that residents will want to make sure they cover their annuals Friday, as it might mean you can get another few weeks of their beauty.

The key is to cover them with sheets and not plastic.

"Plastic tens to trap the cold air in, so it makes it a bit colder, so the plants freeze a little bit quicker, whereas a sheet provides that protective layer, just like when we put a blanket on," said Lynette Kay of Cornell Cooperative Extension. "We'd rather have a blanket then wear plastic to bed."

If you have what are called "tender annuals" or tropical bulbs, the experts say even covering them Friday will not save them, so you will want to harvest the bulbs and store them for the winter.

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