Deal to keep Bouckville-Antique Show on original land

MADISON COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - A renowned antique show that was in fear of losing its home of many years when the site was sold, can rest easy knowing they can return.

During an organizational meeting of the Madison-Bouckville Antique Dealers Association on Wednesday evening, it was announced that The Results Group, a Syracuse-based event marketing firm, has signed a multi-year agreement to lease the site of the former Madison Bouckville Show.

"We are delighted to be a part of such a first-class event," said Tom Tarry, President of The Results Group. "I am originally form Madison County, having been born in Oneida, and I feel very lucky to have this opportunity. The residents of Madison County owe a debt of gratitude to Ed and Tori Carhart, the new owners of the show site. I am convinced, though they would never admit it, that there were other, more financially rewarding options for this property, but they chose to use the land to further the development of the week-long antique event. We must also tip our hat to Cindy and Jock Hengst, the founds of the Madison-Bouckville Antique Show, for their tireless commitment to creating and nurturing this very important event. We wish them well in their well deserved future endeavors."

Jim Walters, the Executive Director of Madison County Tourism said they are excited to hear the news that the antique show would be on its original outdoor field in August 2011.

"The annual antique week has an economic impact on our community of well over $1.5 million," Walters said. "It accounts for over $360,000 in hotel sales in Madison County during that week, and fills our restaurants, not to mention the boutique stores in places such as Hamilton and Cazenovia along Route 20."

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