Hamilton Central students look to bring smiles to kids impacted by hurricane

By WKTV News

HAMILTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Seventh graders at Hamilton Central School found a sweet way to send smiles to children who had been impacted by Hurricane Sandy, filling 1,100 goodie bags with their own Halloween candy in the hopes of cheering up students at Public School 199 in Queens.

"You know, the Hurricane Sandy attacked everybody's houses and stuff like that. No kid had really a chance to go trick or treating, so everybody pitched in and threw candy in together and we're sending it down to Queens so everybody has a good Halloween," said seventh grader Shelby.

"We're hoping that it will make them feel happy and lift their spirits and get their minds off of what happened to their communities," said fellow seventh grader Trevor.

Each bag of candy also includes a homemade card and a riddle inside.

Students and teachers came up with the idea because they felt like this was a unique way to show their support.

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