Knights of St. John International hosts prayer breakfast

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - There's always a first for everything, and that was the case for the Knights of St. John International. This organization, which was formed in 1960, held their first prayer breakfast Sunday morning.

The event was held in honor of St. John the Baptist, who is their patron saint.

During the event, awards were presented to Thomas Graziano, who is the founder of the group, and Nancy Eannace.

Also honored was the organization's home parish, which is St. Anthony/ St. Agnes church.

"Well, this helps you build your spirituality, while at the same time helping the community organization. We take our money and we help churches and individuals, people who are ill, we help with those type of community events," said Lou Parrotta, Vice President of the Knights of St. John.

Usually, a golf tournament is held, but they decided that a breakfast would provide a more religious experience.

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