More parents asking questions, participating in limo rental for prom


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Following a fatal limousine fire earlier this month in California that killed five women, some parents may have some concerns about sending their child to the big event in a limo.

The investigation in California may be ongoing, but the owner of Anthony's Limousine in the City of Rome says he has no idea how a fire like that could start, but urges parents to ask any questions they may have before booking.

The one that caught fire in California was a 1999 Lincoln Town Car, with two exit doors in the back compartment all the way in the back of the vehicle. The bodies of the five women who were trapped were found near the driver compartment, apparently unable to get to the back exits and unable to escape through the driver's partition.

"I've never seen that in 35 years, a limousine bursting in flames going down the road," Anthony's Limousine owner, Anthony Montalbano. "I am as anxious as everyone else to find out how it occurred."

Montalbano says that you rarely hear of fatalities in limos and the statistics from the U.S Department of Transportation shows just that. Five people died in the three separate accidents in 2010, 21 people in three separate accidents in 2011.

However, with this latest accident happening in California and so close to prom season, he understands parents may have concerns.

"We're seeing an increase in parent participation over the past two years, parents are coming down with the kids, they're asking questions," Montalbano said. "They want to know emergency numbers, exactly where either child is going, what time they are going to be there, what time they are going to be home."

Montalbano says he can't emphasize enough, that asking as many questions as possible before booking, is key, and encouraged.

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