Oriskany graduates 60 high schoolers

ORISKANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Parents cried and cameras flashed in Oriskany Friday night. Oriskany High School's 60 graduates can now say they made it.

The Redskins all walked into Friday night's ceremony with smiles on their faces, but none of theme quite as big as this year's valedictorian, Kristen Courtney. Courtney prepared for her speech by going through old year books from kindergarten to twelfth grade and reflected on all of the changes this group has been through, and the many more changes that lie ahead.

Courtney said, "Now we are on the verge of another great change in our lives. Here we are before you today ready to take on the world and all. It's time to make a new niche in society, some of us are going away to college, some moving away. Many aspects of our lives will change."

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