Peacemaker Program holds annual Come To The Table

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - The tables were set and all decked out Saturday at Hart's Hill Inn to raise money for the Peacemaker Program at the 8th annual Come To The Table benefit.

Come To The Table is a play on words, because the Peacemaker Program brings people to the table to work out their differences.

Table settings of all designs were put up for auction. The designers had been working on them for a year.

The Peacemaker Program is a non-profit agency that relies on more than 500 volunteers and ten staff members to provide dispute resolution and child advocacy services in the Mohawk Valley. Its mission is to offer innovative approaches to resolve conflict and achieve positive outcomes for kids and families.

The Peacemaker Program's Executive Director, Steve Robinson, who said, "As everybody knows there's been a lot of budget cuts from the state and the county. This one goes to supplement those programs when we lose funding. Without this funds, there will be families who wouldn't be able to have their child custody and support issues mediated or parenting plans done, or there would be children who would go without a safe and permanent home."

The money raised is used to recruit, screen and train new volunteers to put together the numerous initiatives provided by the Peacemaker Program.

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