Plan to replace "Twin Bridges" moves forward in Forestport


FORESTPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Forestport residents voted Tuesday to move forward with a plan to replace the historic "Twin Bridges" with a new one lane bridge. The community's approval will allow the town to bond for $650,000 to fund the construction.

The vote came out close and in high numbers, 340 residents voting yes, 218 no.

The turnout of 558 residents coming out to vote, surprising town officials, and showing that the iconic "Twin Bridges" mean a lot to residents.

The century old bridges have been closed since 2009. The one lane bridge replacement plan is intended to keep the bridges looking similar to they have for over 100 years, and reopen the iconic bridges over the Black River, rather than continue to wait for any grant from the state.

Those for the plan, thrilled Tuesday hearing the results after the polls closed.

"It's actually going to bring a lot," said Parker Snead, Chairperson for the Forestport Twin Bridges Committee. "For one thing when you reach the bottom there's no way up but up, and Forestport, the downtown part and the village has really kind of reached the bottom and now they're gonna come up and they're gonna really bring the whole town with it."

Even the Town Supervisor Bill Hasenauer who was against the plan, was happy so many residents came out to have a say.

"I'm very pleased with the amount of turnout there were several hundred people that came out, and what's to be is to be and we're gonna have to work with it that's all."

If funded completely by taxpayers, the new bridges are estimated to raise taxes about $15 dollars per $100,000 assessed home.

The town of Forestport will now look into selecting an engineer, and go through different design options to make the best buy for the town.

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