Rachel's Challenge teaching students that the little things can make a big difference


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Students throughout Herkimer County in grades 6 through 12 are learning some valuable lessons this month, all part of what's known as "Rachel's Challenge."

A presentation is being given in each school district to talk about the story of Rachel Scott, who was the first student shot and killed during the Columbine School shootings in Colorado back in 1999.

Prior to the shooting, Rachel had written essays and writings where she spoke about making a difference in the lives of others by doing "little things," which she believed could stat a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.

"This program has the potential to change the way our community and our schools function in a more positive way, and if we can eliminate all of that negativity, how much more success our students might have because of that," said Frankfort teacher Shelly Ceglia.

Frankfort and Ilion kicked things off Monday, and students in other Herkimer County school districts will be presented with "Rachel's Challenge" in the next two weeks.

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