Organizers: Rome Catholic Festival will continue next year

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Hundreds of people gathered in Rome this weekend for the annual Rome Catholic Festival. The event has been held each year on the school grounds since the 1970s.

It started as a senior class project and over the years transformed into the festival it is today.

The weekend is also a teaching tool for the students of RCH. Each class has a booth and the students are responsible for running it.

Despite the fact that it was announced last week that Rome Catholic High School will close after this year, organizers say the festival will go on.

Event Chairperson Everett Merithew said, "We get a huge amount of support from the community for what we do and we've got people up here working right now who have no affiliation with the school other than they love the school and they love the way the festival has become a mainstay in the community after all these years so this festival will not change and it will continue to be this weekend."

The money raised at the festival is used to help run the school. This year all of the money will go to the elementary school, which will remain open.

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